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What is a Signature Resume

Your signature is much like your individual career path--unique and distinctly your own.

Far too often, talented, intelligent job seekers spend their time writing generic resumes that disappear in the pile of other similar ones. A resume should never be a boring task-oriented chronology but rather a personalized marketing tool designed to showcase how your distinct capabilities can fulfill an employer’s needs. The best career move is to design a resume as unique as your signature, one that highlights your professional experience in a way employers want to see it.

Employers have more choices in a competitive marketplace so the task of designing a resume today is daunting. Employers hire new people to utilize their abilities to make money, save money or improve productivity. If you want your resume stand out from the others, it must showcase your ability to problem solve and reveal how you will impact the bottom line. Your resume must exhibit specific measurables only you possess. If written well, your resume should achieve one goal—win the interview.

While most applicants may be highly qualified to fulfill a role, only a few will get an interview. In today’s economy, we are faced with increasing competition, frequently contending with hundreds of other applicants for just one position. Very often computerized screening systems are “the first eyes to see a resume” not an actual person, so if the correct key words are not there, real qualifications will not matter (more). A resume that contains all the key words and one that highlights your core strengths in the correct way will be the one at the top of the pile.

At Your Signature Resume, we are experienced at working with each client one-on-one to spotlight your strengths in a personal way, with each statement in your resume expressing powerful, concise descriptions of what you alone offer. We know what words to use and how to use them, always utilizing accomplishments as the core value to inspire prospective employers to pick up the phone and ask you in for an interview.

If you want to get hired, you will need a resume designed to get interviews. Hopefully, you will only need to look for a new career a handful of times in your lifetime. An expert resume writer crafts hundreds of resumes each year, stays abreast of the latest trends, styles, industry terms, hiring expectations, and correct wording. They know what questions to ask and how to ask them to find your personal strengths and to best accentuate them. Leave it to an expert to make sure your resume finds it to the top of the pile and start getting the interviews you deserve.


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