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Mark S.

Mark is a published writer with over 20 years’ experience producing high-level business content for dozens of companies ranging in size from single-shop, family establishments to multinational firms with over 100,000 employees.


He has created in excess of 2000 resumes and a combined total of over a thousand CVs, professional biographies, LinkedIn profiles and affiliated branded documents for clients including US Government leaders, CEOs of global firms, national business leaders and employees for hundreds of respected companies.  


He holds a BA in Russian language, literature and history, an MFA in creative writing, and continues to hone his communication and writing skills through professional business development efforts.

Joshua G.

Josh brings to the team more than 15 years of professional writing experience spanning a wide range of industries including technology, finance, management consulting and pharmaceuticals. Since joining Your Signature Resume Josh has produced and reviewed more than 2200 resumes and related documents (including cover letters, follow up letters and LinkedIn profiles). Beyond creating resumes, Josh is sometimes engaged for custom projects for Your Signature Resume clients ranging from developing hardship letters to crafting web content, marketing pieces and more. He speaks and presents to professional groups on the subject of effective resume writing.


Before joining Your Signature Resume, Josh served as a proposal writer for Grant Thornton, creating more than 300 proposals and presentations (valued at more than $20M) covering tax, advisory, audit and IT consulting services for all industries. Prior to his work with Grant Thornton, Josh led US Bid Management for a family of global management consulting firms. Additionally, he has developed more than 200 proposals, cost estimates and RFI responses to assist clinical research organizations in winning research engagements across all therapeutic indications. Josh also served as a staff news writer for the Michigan Daily, a student writer for the Montgomery County News Papers and publisher of the Michigan Independent.


Josh’s creative writing has appeared nationally in magazines and online. He has also three published collections of poetry including Turning the Stars which was released as an ebook in 2014.


Casey P.

Casey began writing resumes in 2001, assisting a leading executive recruiting corporation. Obtaining degrees in both Finance and Marketing from Depaul University, she spent her early post academic careerin corporate finance, working to launch, market and brand new financial investment platforms.


She found a passion while transitioning into the apparel manufacturing industry and has specialized experience in global sourcing, wholesaling and multi-unit retail businesses. Casey was able to drive the success of expansion and branding strategies by authoring articulate marketing communication and press releases.


As a resume writer at Your Signature Resume, Casey has written over 400 resumes with a 99% customer satisfaction rate.  She is highly skilled at asking targeted questions to draw out key strengths and accomplishments in order to identify each individual’s personal brand and unique value-add.


She also possesses a special talent for helping entry-level and mid-level clients with career transition.


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