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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer?


There is no doubt that you know more about your work history than anyone else. You may even consider yourself a very good writer. So, are you the best person to write your resume? Well no, not exactly!


Most people only search for a handful of careers in their lifetime and only write a resume a few times in a 35-45 year period. A professional resume writer designs hundreds of resumes each year and stays abreast of the latest industry terms, preferred styles, and necessary formatting. When entering the workforce or changing careers, it is best to use a professional resume writing service experienced at producing focused and high impact resumes to win your target job.


In this highly competitive market, a generic resume will not get you noticed. At Your Signature Resume, we author resumes that will convey your strengths and value proposition to prospective employers. We will design a resume that is sure to get you noticed.

How will I communicate with My Writer?


Since we are a national company, we communicate with our clients remotely, by telephone and e-mail.

 Do You Have Samples of Your Resumes?


Yes. Please send us an email to and we'll email you a few samples

In What Formats Will My Resume be Created?


You will receive your final resume in a Word document, pdf and plain text.

What is Your Privacy Policy?


The following sections generally describe the types of information collected at Your Signature Resume site and the uses made of it.


Personally Identifiable Information


When you register for a Resume Writing Service, you will upload your resume and this will be stored only by us for the purpose of conducting your Resume Review or Writing Service. No data is transferred outside ofYour Signature Resume to any third party. You agree that Your Signature Resume shall have the unrestricted right to store on its internal computers any such information provided by you.


Financial Information

Your Signature Resume does not store any of your financial information. All credit card payments made online go through Paypal’s secure servers so we do not see your financial information. Any credit card payments processed over the phone are inputted directly into the payment terminal and not recorded. Any financial information sent to Your Signature Resume by fax, mail, or email will be immediately destroyed once the agreed credit card transaction is completed.


Links to other Web Sites

Your Signature Resume web site may provide links to other third party web sites as a service to our users. The privacy policy described here does not apply to those sites.



Except as outlined below, only authorized employees have access to the information you provide us and there are strict controls over access to and utilization of the information. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration to data will not occur when it is transferred over secured networks (such as when we send you your final resume by email), we make every effort to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.


Binding Nature


By submitting personal related data you agree to be bound by our privacy policy and agree to the terms stated in our policy.


Contact Us

You may request a copy of the information we hold concerning your details and revoke your consent to our using your information for the above listed purposes at any time by contacting us at


"Since Hiring YSR, I had four interviews and landed a great job in less than a month"

Get your


Or call us with your questions:  630-470-9663. 

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